My VMworld Sessions for 2015

VAPP4449 – How VMware Customers Build and Tune High Performance Application Platforms

The session will cover various platform architectures that are used in high end transactional systems at VMware customer sites, such as those found on trading platforms, and high volume order management systems. The deep dive will take a tour into structure of the platform, how to best scale it with virtualization, and how to deeply tune it for optimal performance. The session will share many best practices and actual examples used with customers that are running such high-end platforms. Specifically, Java GC and vSphere tuning techniques, and rationalization of large deployments having 1000s of VMs and JVMs will be discussed. Come to this session to learn about GC tuning and vSphere recipes that can give you the best configuration for latency sensitive applications high end performance platforms. We will show case in memory DBs with multiple terabyte clusters, but also looking at some monster JVM of 360GB Heap

Emad Benjamin – Principal Architect, VMware
Alessandro Quargnali-Linsley – Systems Engineer, Societe Generale
Program Location: Europe and US

VAPP4732 – Enterprise Application Architecture Influence on SDDC

Understanding enterprise application architecture influence on good SDDC design is at the core of what make a successful SDDC implementation. Often the divide between application developers and infrastructure architects is so great that the gap become very difficult to fill. On the development side developers look at the application layer concerns and tend to ignore infrastructure implementation paradigms, conversely infrastructure architects start at the bottom and never quite reach the design requirements of the application. In this session we demonstrate how this gap can be addressed.

Emad Benjamin – Principal Architect, VMware

Marco Caronna, Solutions Architect, VMware

Eamon Ryan, Sr. Solutions Architect
Program Location: US

CTO6659 – Ask the Experts – Cloud Native Applications

In the brave new world of IT there is a shift in customer expectations which which is driving a change in how applications are developed and operated (e.g. DevOps), how they’re architected (e.g. microservices and 12-factor apps), and how they”re deployed (e.g. Docker and containers). This is a shift in the balance of focus from Ops lead to a Dev lead world, where developers become a first class citizen of the datacenter. VMware calls these applications “cloud-native” as they’re designed for the mobile-cloud era. VMware launched Cloud-Native Apps at the beginning of the year to address the shift that is currently taking place how applications are developed today.

Emad Benjamin – Principal Architect, VMware
Joe Baguley – CTO EMEA, VMware
Robbie Jerrom – Senior Solutions Architect, VMware
Martijn Baecke – Solutions Consultant, VMware
Ed Hoppitt – CTO Ambassador, VMware
Program Location: Europe and US


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